Consultancy & Training

Experts in Investment Risk Management, Arkus has the resources and knowledge to support you in multiple areas of risk-related fields. The creation of a Risk Management process and the related Risk Profile of your portfolios can be a complex and time-consuming procedure considering the continuous regulatory changes. We can assist you in that process by putting at your disposal the necessary expert resources.

Our consultancy & training services consist of the following:

ESMA 10/788 standards

Risk Model Validation

Arkus will perform a validation of the risk model used for the VaR calculation as per the ESMA 10/788 standards. 


Analysis of relevant documentation

Review of Risk Management Procedure (RMP)

A comprehensive analysis of the constitutional documents and other relevant pieces of information to conduct a thorough review.  

Accordance to the Laws & Regulations

Drafting of risk management process & policy

Drafting of all UCITS/AIF compliant risk management procedure (RMP) in line with requirements set out by laws and regulators. 

Comprehensive methodology & record

Drafting OF risk profiles

Over the past 17+ years, Arkus has developed a proven track record and methodology in establishing risk profiles for a variety of funds’ ranges and strategies. 

Defining corresponding internal limits

Risk profiling of funds

Helping to establish the individual risk profiles of the existing investment vehicles to identify significant sources of risk.

Pre-defined agreement

support to permanent Risk management function

Subject to the agreement, Arkus can support the permanent risk manager and in a variety of areas of the risk management function.  

Flexible risk consultancy and support

Ad-Hoc Support

Arkus will support you for additional ad-hoc consultancy missions you may need.

Analysis and set-up of risk tool

Risk tool set-up

Conducted through a one-day workshop with Arkus’ head of operations, development, and risk management teams. 

A team of risk Experts

Risk training

Our team of professional risk experts can conduct in-house, group or individual training sessions on numerous topics surrounding portfolio risk management. 


An interactive online platform that manages and monitors portfolio risk for a variety of UCITS/AIF fund structures and investment strategies.

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A team of risk management professionals
here to support you.


Since we launched in 2003, we have developed unique risk monitoring and data management skills that enable us to create efficient, reliable and high-quality investment risk management reports for a range of investment vehicles and fund structures. Our dedication to quality and service has enabled us to support investment risk functions for major financial institutions across Europe.

Through our risk reporting services, we enable you to monitor the compliance of your portfolios with the regulatory requirements across various European jurisdictions; and/or adherence to a user-defined risk profile. By using our services, clients can dedicate in-house investment risk resources to value-added functions, whilst being fully compliant. Our flexible and independent proprietary risk management system, RiskRadar™, enables us to interface with any fund administrator, receive data in any format, customise reporting to your specific needs, and provide online access.


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